​Harmony Baptist Association​

​​                               A fellowship of 27 Southern Baptist churches
                               ​located in north central Missouri.
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Ministry Teams
Associational Coordinating Team
Church Ministry Team
Children's Camp
Buildings and Grounds Team
Staff Recommendation Team
Leadership Enlistment Team
Moderator - Dr. Rob Ayers
Assistant Moderator - Rev. Ted Francis
Director of Missions - Dr. Daryl Stagg
Church Ministries Leader - Rev. Bill McDowell
Missions Ministries Leader - Mrs. Vickie Lake​​​​
Team Leader - Rev. Bill McDowell
Bible Study Ministry
Discipleship/Small Group Min. - Rev. Robert Sisney
Worship/Music Ministry
Prayer Ministry - Mrs. Pam Tull
Leadership Ministry - Rev. Bill McDowell
Life Stewardship Ministry - Rev. Robert Sisney​
Missions Ministry
Team Leader - Mrs. Vickie Lake
Evangelism Ministry - Rev. Jon Church
Missions Education Ministry - Mrs. Stacy Brown
Missions Activity Ministry
Camp Director - Mrs. Jan McDowell
Term Expires 2015 - Mr. Stan Bohon
Term Expires 2016 - Mr. Joe Carr
Term Expires 2017 - Mr. David Elliott​
Term Expires 2015 - M. John Fluty​​
Term Expires 2016 - Rev. Craig Bowen​
Term Expires 2017 - Mr. Charles Elliott​
Term Expires 2015 - Rev. Gary Payne
Term Expires 2015 - Rev. Gary Palmer​​​​​
Term Expires 2016 - Mr. Allen Spratley
Term Expires 2016 - Mr. Warren Anderson​​
Term ​Expires 2017 - Mr. Don Abney
Term Expires 2017 - Mr. Mike Ross​